Mary Ann (McCaughey) Kaveny

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Mary Ann (McCaughey) Kaveny

Mrs. Kaveny was my 2nd grade teacher, and she is a major reason why I became a teacher. Her smile, and booming voice is something I will always remember. She was the first person to welcome me into The Pawtucket Teachers Alliance, abs it was an honor to work with her. She will be missed.

Michelle Depot (Pawtucket, RI)

My prayers for the family and the friends of Mary Ann. Peace.

Marilyn Fontes Jose (now in Hamilton Township, NJ)

... a life well lived. I also had Mrs. Kaveny as a 2nd grade teacher at J.C. Potter (then she was Miss McCaughey). Without question, my favorite teacher. Fondest memory while at Potter was waiting for Miss McCaughey to arrive, in her station wagon with "M-505" so that we could help her carry into the classroom her bags. After 50 years, still a vivid memory that brings a smile. I frequently encountered Mrs. Kaveny throughout the years and she ALWAYS remembered my name - occassionally while she was "walking the line" for the Alliance. She was a fierce warrior for the education profession. I think that a goal for educators is to make a positive impact on the lives of the future generations that come through the classroom door ... and Mrs. Kaveny has succeeded in this endeavor. God Speed Miss McCaughey/Mrs Kaveny - see ya on the other side.

Sgt. Mark J. Force (Ret. / Pawtucket Police Department) (Seekonk, Mass.)

Rest in Peace Mary Ann. She was my roommate in cillege at Salve.

Dorothy {Mac Laughlin} Glover (North Kingstown R.I.)

We are sending our condolences and sympathy to the family of Mary Ann, she was a wonderful person. Rest in Peace!

James and Joyce Kareemo (Pawtucket Rhode Island)

Mary Ann was my second grade teacher the first year of her teaching career. She was a family friend ever since. I have many memories of being in her classroom, to her speaking at my wedding, to the yearly Christmas Poinsettia. May she rest in peace.

Dale (Flodin) Coupe (Cumberland)

I had Mrs. Kaveny as a sencond grade teacher at Potter Burns elementary school. she was a wonderful teacher, and person. you will be missed by so many people. r.i.p mrs. kaveny. sending thoughts to her family and friends.

Brittney Roy (Providence RI)

I feel privileged to have known Mary Ann. She was president of the Pawtucket Teachers Alliance Local 930, at the time I taught at Tolman High School. Because she was such a strong advocate of fair treatment in the workplace, collective bargaining, and in-service development for teachers, she advanced the Alliance during her tenure. Mary Ann was a person who practiced her beliefs rather than just speaking them. She made personal sacrifices on picket lines and advanced the collective bargaining rights necessary to negotiate contracts for fair salary/benefits. The children she taught and her professional colleagues were well served. We are all better for having known her.

Nancy T Keyser, retired Pawtucket Teacher (Cumberland, RI)

Rest in peace Mrs Kaveny...Still remember you driving by my parents house when I was growing up..You were a nice neighbor! With deepest sympathies to her family and friends!!!

Ana DeAlmeida Andrade (W Warwick)

So sorry to hear Of Mary Ann's passing She was my classmate at Salve Regina.

Tullia Tudino Hydinger (Mount Joy PA)

The family of the late Dr. Robert Fortin offer condolences to your family. Sincerely, Virginia Fortin

Virginia Fortin (Rumford, RI)

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